Noah Lehrman Bio

Noah Lehrman / 李文 is an existential singer/songwriter, drummer/percussionist, and mutli-instrumentalist musician based in his native NYC. Noah's love songs use mystic imagery to explore universal themes, and universal language to probe life’s mysteries, all wrapped in wry wordplay and his own distinctly catchy rhythms and melodies. Peter Hay (London Records, NEO Records) hails Noah's "wonderfully rootsy sound" as "at once evocative and hook-filled!"

Noah first burst onto the scene as founding member and drummer of jamband The Grove through their series of historic shows at the legendary Wetlands Preserve, hailed by as an “excellent mix of rhythmic vibes, psychedelic rock, jazzy structures, and country backbeat not to be missed” and “a musically mystical experience!” Noah's work as a singer/songwriter has been influenced both by his American masters and contemporaries, and by his travels and performances in Asia and Europe and ensuing encounters with local folk traditions and regional pop movements. Israel’s “On Tour” describes international indie singer/songwriter Noah Lehrman and his “own authentic material” as “the combination of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan” who “excites the crowd with his performances!"

Appearing at international and American music festivals from the Tsfat Klezmer Festival, Artwalk LA and The Big Up to Blues for Challah, the Hoot in the Park Jerusalem and Pink Moon, Noah was the founder and musical & artistic director of the AppleJam Music Festival Series in New York City. He has toured up and down and across North America, Europe from the UK to the Mediterranean, and Asia from Israel to the Peoples Republic of China & South Korea. In 2013 Noah was Musician-and-Songwriter-in-Residence at Art Kibbutz New York.

As a drummer and percussionist Noah has performed with international legends including Nile Rodgers, the late Babatunde Olatunji, and Shlomo Carlebach. Recent appearances include shows with Noah Lehrman & The Superstars, Gratefully Yours, Skeleton Keys, G-Nome Project, Aqua Cherry, Steal Your Funk, Pey Dalid, Outta d'Ark and with members of Phil Lesh & Friends, moe., Blood Sweat & Tears, Particle, John Kadlecik Band, The Klezmatics, The Cult, The Deadbeats, The Breakfast, Deep Banana Blackout, lespecial, Illuminati Orchestra, The Machine, Pure Jerry, Relative Souls, The Fab Faux, Zion80, Galaxy Dynamite!, the KIND, Viral Sounds, Eggy, Yehuda Green, Avi Kuntsler, Yom V'Lilah (Day & Night), HaOneh HaHameshit, MoshiachOi! & Oneg Semesh Band. In recognition of his reputation as a rhythmic powerhouse in jam, jazz, blues, funk, rock, klezmer, dance and world fusion music, Noah was signed as a Pro Artist Endorser by Silver Fox Percussion and Grover Pro Percussion.

In April 2016 Noah made his Amsterdam, Netherlands debut on 4/20 at Skek.  2017 festival dates include Froggy Daze Festival 5 in Narrowsburg, NY.

Noah's upcoming album How I Made My Bed, including tracks from the digital EP Wear This Crown, is slated for relase in 2017.

Noah and his single "Who Said?" are featured in the April/May 2016 issue of Relix Magazine.

Noah plays Silver Fox SF-515 drumsticks with Delrin tips, and uses Sonor Force Custom acoustic and Roland V-Pro electric drumkits, Sonor Global and LP hand drums, Martin, Hondo, Yamaha classical and vintage Fender guitars, and Keli’i koa tenor ukuleles.

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