Naftali Noah Lehrman: The Torah of Music, Grateful Purim & More!

A conversation with Noah Lehrman, Relix Editor-In-Chief Mike Greenhaus, and Rabbi Dan Ain of Because Jewish on The Grateful Dead and Purim featuring Noah's thoughts on the metaphysics and mysticism of music and Judaism. Purim Night, February 28, 2018, New York City

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Naftali Noah Lehrman, a descendant of the Baal Shem Tov, studied Hebrew Bible at Brown University in Providence, RI, drumset & percussion at The Collective Conservatory in New York, NY, and Jewish thought & music at Yeshivah Shalom Rav in Beis Midrash Tchernobyl in Tsfat, Israel. He has performed with members of RatDog, Phil Lesh & Friends, JGB, Vince Welnik & Friends, Dark Star Orchestra, Stella Blues Band & more.

Naftali Noah Lehrman performs his song "Yud Kei / Vav Kei" for wounded soldiers and civilians in the Orthopedic & Neurological Wings of Tel HaShomer Hospital in Tel Aviv during the Israel-Gaza War. Part of Noah's Play 4 Peace Tour. Shortly after this video was taken there was a red alert for incoming missiles at the hospital and patients and visitors were relocated to the building's bomb shelter where Noah drummed for everyone through the alarm.
Words & Music by Noah Munro Lehrman.
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G-Nome Project w/ Noah on percussion, Garcia's at The Capitol Theatre Hanukkah Show '18
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