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Noah Lehrman, Wiley Griffin & Mitch Harrison Live @ SOB's

Noah Lehrman (Drums Vocals), Wiley Griffin (Guitar) and Mitchell Harrison (Bass) @ SOB's (Sounds of Brazil)!!!Yossi Piamenta's "Mitzvah" Part 2 - Purim 3/23/2016 A HedgeHog Entertainment Production w/ ReJews! Catch Noah 3/31 w/ John Colon, Joe Gallant from Illuminati & Friends @ Strong Place in Brooklyn, 4/3 in Teevoy - Acoustic Phish Trio at Subject NYC, and this May at Garcia's @ The Capitol Theatre in Portchester, NY in Gratefully Yours & Skeleton Keys!!!Catch Wiley in Teddy MidnightCatch Mitch in Moshiach Oi!!!John Colon, Joe Gallant, Noah Lehrman, Rainwater - AcousticTeeVoY - Three Versions of You: Acoustic Phish!!!#RODEO!!!

Posted by Noah Munro Lehrman on Monday, March 28, 2016
Noah Lehrman, the New York City-based drumset player, percussionist & international virtuoso on the modern custom talking drum, first burst onto the scene as founding member and drummer of jamband The Grove, hailed by as an “excellent mix of rhythmic vibes, psychedelic rock, jazzy structures, and country backbeat not to be missed” and “a musically mystical experience!”

Noah has been featured at global music festivals including the Tsfat International Klezmer Festival in Israel, on talking drum, and World Drum Dance Pray for Peace in Washington D.C.

As a drummer and percussionist Noah has performed with international legends including the late Babatunde Olatunji and Shlomo Carlebach. Recent appearances include shows with Noah Lehrman & The Superstars, Gratefully Yours, Steal Your Funk, Pey Dalid, Outta d'Ark and with members of moe., Blood Sweat & Tears, The Cult, The Deadbeats, The Breakfast, Deep Banana Blackout, Viral Sounds, Skeleton Keys, lespecial,The Klezmatics, Relative Souls, The Fab Faux, Zion80, Galaxy Dynamite!, the KIND, Viral Sounds, Vinnie Amico, Eggy, Yehuda Green, Avi Kuntsler, Yom V'Lilah (Day & Night), HaOneh HaHameshit, Yehudah Green, MoshiachOi! & Oneg Semesh Band.

In 2013 Noah was Drummer-and-Percussionist-in-Residence at Art Kibbutz New York.

In recognition of his reputation as a rhythmic powerhouse in jam, jazz, blues, funk, rock, klezmer, dance and world fusion music, Noah was signed as a Pro Artist Endorser by Silver Fox Percussion and Grover Pro Percussion.

Noah plays Silver Fox SF-515 drumsticks with Delrin tips, and uses Sonor Force Custom acoustic and Roland V-Pro electric drumkits, Sonor Global, LP & custom hand and talking drums.

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Noah on Talking Drum

Noah on Drumset

Noah on Percussion

noah superstars

Noah Munro Lehrmanoah Lehrman and the Superstars Featuring Michael Gurge and Lucas Gould from the Relative Souls at Heady Jew Tribe :)

Posted by Yosef Gross on Thursday, May 7, 2015
Noah Lehrman & The Superstars featuring Noah on drumset, 3/14/15, Live at HJT's Gathering of the Tribe, Oceanside, New York

The jams Noah Lehrman + Superstars

Posted by Yosef Gross on Monday, March 16, 2015

Noah Lehrman
on percussion
Gratefully Yours

"Not Fade Away"
Noah Lehrman + Narkatta
Live @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn, NY

Gratefully Yours w/ Noah Lehrman on percussion"Franklin's Tower" - 1/28/16, Daryl's House Club, Pawling, NY!!!#RODEO!!!

Posted by Noah Munro Lehrman on Friday, January 29, 2016
TeeVoY Acoustic Phish Trio w/ Members of Uncle Ebeneezer, Bathtub Gin & Polyvamp live @ Garcias @ The Capitol Theatre 7/21/16 - "Carini"

Posted by HedgeHog Entertainment on Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Noah Lehrman on drums with Wiley Griffin (Teddy Mudnight) & Mitch Harrison (Moshiach Oi) on 3/23/16 at SOB's, NYC.

Vinnie Amico
from moe.
on drums
Noah Lehrman
on percussion.
Dsc 9525
Noah sj drums
Noah com donuts c

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Booking and other inquiries may be addressed to Stefanie Lacoff of Belpointe Entertainment LLC at