A wonderfully rootsy sound at once evocative and hook-filled!”

— Peter Hay, London Records

Noah Lehrman Acoustic

Noah Lehrman / 李文  is a New York City based extistential singer/songwriter and drummer/percussionist.

Noah's love songs, at once evocative and hook-filled, work to reconcile the paradox of unity and duality of self and other through intelligent, incisive lyrics wrapped in catchy, danceable tunes with a sense of romance and wry humor.

His melodic approach to rhythm in his acoustic and electronic drum set and percussion work focuses on both ecstatic improvisation and interpretation of the cannon in the American and world dance, folk, funk, rock, and sacred music traditions using sound and silence, the left hand and the right hand to create meaning.

Noah has appeared internationally at festivals from The Big Up, WV's Pink Moon, LA Art Walk, Cosmic Alignment and NY Harvest Fest to the Jerusalem Hoot in The Park, the Tsfat International Klezmer Festival, Skek in Amsterdam, Gladstone in Toronto, and beyond.

He regularly performs live as a solo artist and in in Gratefully Yours, Skeleton Keys, Aqua Cherry, Teevoy: Acoustic Phish Trio, Noah Lehrman Acoustic, and Narkatta, among other acts.

Noah and his music are featured in press ranging from Relix to The Economist magazines.

Noah is currently recording his debut solo album produced by GrammyⓇ -winner C. Lanzbom (Pete Seeger, Deadgrass, Soulfarm) and due out later this year.

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On the rise!”

— Relix Magazine

Catchy! Cool!”

— C Laznzbaum, Grammy® Winner

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A conversation with Noah Lehrman, Relix Editor-In-Chief Mike Greenhaus, and Rabbi Dan Ain of Because Jewish The Grateful Dead and Purim featuring Noah's thoughts on the metaphysics and mysticism of music and Judaism. Purim Night, February 28, 2018, New York City

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