Noah Lehrman, Wiley Griffin & Mitch Harrison Live @ SOB's

Noah Lehrman (Drums Vocals), Wiley Griffin (Guitar) and Mitchell Harrison (Bass) @ SOB's (Sounds of Brazil)!!!Yossi Piamenta's "Mitzvah" Part 2 - Purim 3/23/2016 A HedgeHog Entertainment Production w/ ReJews! Catch Noah 3/31 w/ John Colon, Joe Gallant from Illuminati & Friends @ Strong Place in Brooklyn, 4/3 in Teevoy - Acoustic Phish Trio at Subject NYC, and this May at Garcia's @ The Capitol Theatre in Portchester, NY in Gratefully Yours & Skeleton Keys!!!Catch Wiley in Teddy MidnightCatch Mitch in Moshiach Oi!!!John Colon, Joe Gallant, Noah Lehrman, Rainwater - AcousticTeeVoY - Three Versions of You: Acoustic Phish!!!#RODEO!!!

Posted by Noah Munro Lehrman on Monday, March 28, 2016
G-Nome Project w/ Noah on percussion, Garcia's at The Capitol Theatre Hanukkah Show '19
noah superstars

Noah Munro Lehrmanoah Lehrman and the Superstars Featuring Michael Gurge and Lucas Gould from the Relative Souls at Heady Jew Tribe :)

Posted by Yosef Gross on Thursday, May 7, 2015

"Crash Into Me", Noah Lehrman on talking drum w/ Robert Tellefsen (Richie Havens) & Handsome Johnny

Noah Munro Lehrman "Swingin'" / Singer/Songwriter Circle at Two Boots

Posted by Singer/Songwriter Circle at Two Boots on Monday, March 16, 2015